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If your Certification is up for renewal through most of 2019, you are in a 3-year certification cycle and you will need 12-hours of continuing education credits*. After you renew, you will then enter the new 2-year cycle. 


If your Certification renews after January 1 of 2020, you will be in a 2-year certification cycle and will need 8-hours of continuing education credits*. 





Texas Process Servers Academy offers a 12-hour course AND an 8-hour course, both approved by the JBCC. Both are entitled "Online Civil Process Service Review".  Each has been updated to include laws passed in the 2017 legislative session, and will be updated again at the end of the 2019 legislative session.


Both courses meet ‚Äčall the 'continuing education' requirements for process servers who are already certified and who want to renew their certification.


Both courses remain the most comprehensive, informative and detailed courses in Texas, each looking back 6,000 years in history to follow what has evolved into 'service of process' as we now know it. We review each statute, rule and regulation that governs what we do as professional process servers today. 


Tuition is $120 for either course and includes a Certificate of Proficiency you can print or download immediately after taking the Final Exam. You can call 682-256-2791 at any time for help as you take the course.


The courses go into detail on the rules that govern service of process in Texas civil courts, and how to serve process...

  • to businesses (Business Organizations Code),

  • in divorce and child custody matters (Family Code),

  • to physicians, hospitals and other healthproviders (Health and Safety Code),

  • to insurance companies, banks and financial institutions (Finance Code),

  • to witnesses (subpoenas),

  • out of the federal courts (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure),

  • in full compliance with the Texas Penal Code,

  • while protecting yourself from criminal liability (Texas Penal Code).


We also offer the following courses of shorter duration:

  • Bookkeeping and Taxes: Basics for the Small Business Owner (4 hrs)

  • Civil Rights: An Historical Overview (4 hrs)

  • Detecting Deception (4 hrs)

  • Ethics for the Professional Process Server (2 hrs)

  • Ethics in Private Security (2 hrs)


All our courses are offered entirely online!

  • No driving hundreds of miles to take the course!

  • No buying gas for the car!

  • No overnight stay or paying for a motel room at even greater cost to you!

  • No wasted time listening to 'war stories' from instructors or other students!

  • No sitting for loooooonnnnggg hours until you're numb! 

You can take the course at your own pace from any electronic device that has access to the 'net....your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad or even your smart-phone....our courses are always at your fingertips when YOU want them to be. 

Classes are never full....so ENROLL NOW




* EXPLANATION OF RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS: The JBCC has changed the requisite number of continuing education credit hours required to renew your existing Certification.....but it's unnecessarily complex. The following quotes are directly from the JBCC website:


This, found at <http://www.txcourts.gov/jbcc/process-server-certification/continuing-education/> in the second paragraph: "Effective 04/12/2018, to renew a certification, a process server must have completed 8 hours of approved continuing education"

...which makes it sound as though a process server seeking to renew a certification must have 8-hours of approved CE hours. But that's not really accurate, because....



Contrast that with this, found at <http://www.txcourts.gov/jbcc/process-server-certification/renewals/


4. "New continuing education requirement. Effective 04/12/2018, renewing process servers must document that they have completed 8 hours of continuing education during their certification period.....(and the rest has been deleted as irrelevant)

Those who are renewing an existing 3 year certification (i.e., those renewed in 2015 that expire in 2018 and most of 2019) still need to obtain 12 hours of CE.

Those who renew a 2 year certification (i.e., those who expire in late 2019 and from 2020 forward) must obtain 8 hours of CE. 


We interpret those two entries this way: those who were working on a 3-year certification period and have a renewal date through most of 2019 will need 12-hours of CE credits. After you renew, you will be in the new 2-year cycle, so your next renewal in 2021 or later will be in the 2-year cycle.