Texas Process Servers Academy



Renewing Certified Process Servers


Your certification (it is not a ‘license’) is valid for 2-years from the month it was issued. All certifications are valid until the last day of the month. At least 4 months before your certification expires, you should enroll in an approved continuing education course. you will need 8-hours of continuing education credits to renew your Certification.  CONTACT THE JBCC DIRECTLY FOR ACCURATE AND OFFICIAL POLICY (512-475-4368) for questions.


Texas Process Servers Academy offers an 8-hour course approved by the JBCC. This course is entitled "Online Civil Process Service Review". The course is up to date and includes laws, rules, and regulations effective up to March 1, 2022.


Our 8-hour course meets ?all the 'continuing education' requirements for process servers who are already certified and who want to renew their certification.


It is the most comprehensive, informative, and detailed course in Texas, looking back 6,000 years in history to follow what has evolved into 'service of process' as we now know it today. We review each statute, rule, and regulation that governs what we do as professional process servers today. 


Tuition is $125 for 8hr course and includes a Certificate of Proficiency you can download immediately after passing the Final Exam. If you need help as you take the course, You can call 682-404-8932, or send an email to Administrator@Texas-psa.com.


The course goes into detail on the rules that govern service of process in Texas civil courts, and how to serve process...

  • to businesses (Business Organizations Code),
  • in divorce and child custody matters (Family Code),
  • to physicians, hospitals, and other health providers (Health and Safety Code),
  • to insurance companies, banks, and financial institutions (Finance Code),
  • to witnesses (subpoenas),
  • out of the federal courts (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure),
  • criminal penalties and remaining in compliance with the Texas Penal Code, and
  • protecting yourself from criminal liability (Texas Penal Code).


Our course is offered entirely online!

  • No driving hundreds of miles to take the course!
  • No buying gas for the car!
  • No overnight stay or paying for a motel room at an even greater cost to you!
  • No wasted time listening to 'war stories' from instructors or other students!
  • No sitting for looooooong hours until you're numb! 


You can take the course at your own pace from any electronic device that has access to the 'net....your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad or even your smart-phone....our courses are always at your fingertips when YOU want them to be. 


Classes are never full....so ENROLL NOW