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Texas Process Servers Academy became the first and only online training course for private process servers in Texas, a course that was quickly approved by the District Courts in Dallas and Denton counties in 2002. In 2004, we were contacted by the Rules Committee of the Texas Supreme Court to help advise it in the development of a new program being designed to oversee and regulate process servers, a program that evolved into a system of 'certifying' rather than 'licensing' process servers.

We suggested the formation and scope of authority of an oversight committee that we called the Process Service Review Board (PSRB), a committee that was, in fact, created by the Supreme Court by special Misc.Docket 05-9122. In an order the following day (Misc.Docket 05-9123), its name was inadvertently altered to the Texas Private Process Server Review Board, retaining the same acronym (PSRB). That became the name that continued to be used until it ceased its function on September 1, 2014 under the Texas Sunset Law.

Texas Process Servers Academy was instrumental in the establishment of the instructional guidelines that the Supreme Court implemented in 2005 and still requires for Civil Process Server Certification today, helping set the high standards presently maintained by our profession.

In 2014, the PSRB was replaced by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC), a board composed of 12 volunteer members of the legal community that now oversees the certification of private process servers, court reporters, court interpreters and guardians. The actual day-to-day administrative duties are handled by the Office of Court Administration (OCA), and it is that office that handles all new and renewing applications. 

The Process Server Certification program that we helped formulate has improved the professional standards for those who qualify as Certified Process Servers, giving them the authority to serve civil process issued out of every civil court in every county of Texas.

Our training courses remain the most comprehensive, current, and fully functional online training courses in Texas, and each course has been approved by the JBCC. Our Certificates of approval can be seen from the homepage.

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