Texas Process Servers Academy

Texas-PSA is now Licenced by the Private Security Bureau of the Texas Dep't of Public Safety as a Private Investigation Continuing Education CE School and as a Security Continuing Education CE School (Y10445701). Our Courses can be used for Continuing Ed credits by licensed Private investigators and Security personnel. (exp. 1/31/2020)


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.....to the Texas Process Servers Academy, where ALL our training courses are entirely Online !!
Courses for Process Servers are approved by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission of the Supreme Court of Texas,
Courses for Private Investigators and Private Security personnel are approved by the Private Security Bureau of the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Enroll using a desktop PC or any mobile device, but NOT your smart phone.

Once enrolled, you can take the course using any electronic device that can access the 'net (although smart phones don't give sufficient clarity to render them efficient when taking the course). After you successfully complete a training course you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency that you will use with your application toward acquiring or renewing your professional status.

Certified Process Servers
  • If you want to become a Certified Process Server and are new to the profession, Click Here for our 7-hr course (tuition $90)
  • If you’re already a Certified Process Server and need to renew your certification, Click Here for our continuing ed courses (tuition $120 for the 12-hour OR 8-hour course)

NOTE: All current Certified Process Servers who are up for renewal through November of 2019 are required to take 12-hours of continuing education. For further clarification, contact the JBCC (processservers@txcourts.gov).

Private Investigators and Security Guards
  • If you’re a licensed Private Investigator or Security Guard and need to renew your license, Click Here for our continuing ed courses.

NOTE: All current Licensed Private Investigators and Licensed Security Guards must meet the continuing education requirements found in the Texas Administrative Code, Sec.35.161, which is from 12hrs to 18hrs every 2 years, depending on how long you've been licensed. Refer to the code for specifics.

Both A Private Investigator And Process Server

Taking ONE course provides you with DUAL qualifications that saves you TIME and MONEY. Instead of taking 12 hours for your Process Servers Certification and another 12 hours for your Private Security License, you'll be able to take ONE course and get TWO Certificates - - one for the PSB/DPS, and another for the JBCC, and pay only a $30 processing fee. Just send us an email when you finish the course and we'll take your credit card information over the phone, then email your 2nd Certificate.

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Supreme Court Certification

The Process Server Certification program improves the standards for persons authorized to serve process across Texas


Continuing Ed Courses

Judicial Branch Certification Commission approved our training course