Texas Process Servers Academy

So, you want to be a process server!


Well, you’ve come to the right place, because The Texas Process Servers Academy can help you achieve your goal. Click Here if you want to enroll in the 7-hour online course you are required to take toward your Certified Process Server application (and Yes, it's approved by the JBCC). You can take it at your own pace 24-7, logging off and on as you choose. You have 90-days within which to complete the course.


Read on if you want more detail......


To become a Certified Process Server, you'll need each of the following 4 things:

You must have (virtually) no criminal history, so....

1. ...you must pay a private vendor to take your fingerprints which they will submit to the Texas Department of Public Safety; the DPS will conduct a background check and send the results to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) of the Texas Supreme Court....SAVE THE RECEIPT, because it will have to be sent to the JBCC with your initial application.
2. You must take a 7-hour training course that has been approved by the JBCC (like ours), and then...
3. ...pass an Exam that's administered after you finish the training course. After you pass it, you'll receive a Certificate of Proficiency that you'll send to the JBCC with your Application.
4. You must fill out and send in an Application form to the JBCC, together with the proper fees ($225).


The Texas Process Servers Academy can help you each step of the way.


Getting started is easy.....


Scroll UP and look to the top right of this page, then click the Enrollment button to register as a student at The Academy....fill out the form, read and agree to our Policy and Terms of Use, click Enroll, select the Process Server Certification Online, pay the $75 tuition, and prepare to learn in the comfort of your own home or office. It's that easy !


There are 3 sections, and each is timed. You MUST use ALL the allocated time before you move on to the next section. You can take MORE time if you need to, but you MUST use the minimum time shown on the timer.


Remember to take notes, because you'll take a short Quiz at the end of each section to test how you're doing. You don't have to pass the Quiz to continue to the next section, but the questions will give you a good idea of how well you're retaining the information, and will prepare you for the questions that will be on the Final Exam.


That's all there is to it, and the tuition is only $75 !!


So if you're ready to begin, Click Here to start the enrollment process.


We also offer --

  •  Resources and links to relevant state and federal statutes, and to professional membership organizations;
  •  a Glossary of legal terms used in the profession (available only to enrolled students);
  •  Information and forms available at the Texas Supreme Court website;
  •  Information about our continuing ed courses that you’ll need in three years when it’s time to renew;
  •  Our Texas-PSA app you can download to any iPhone or Android product as an ever-ready-reference !